VIA Rapid Silver Line

VIA Rapid Silver Line

What Is Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) ?

Advanced Rapid Transit, or ART, is a high-quality, modern public transportation system that’s designed to move more people faster and farther.

VIA’s ART system, called VIA Rapid, is designed to deliver fast, frequent and reliable public transit, with vehicles traveling in dedicated lanes outside regular traffic, using bus-friendly traffic signals, and offering off-board fare collection for faster boarding.

VIA Rapid service benefits the entire community, supporting economic development along the corridor, reducing the number of personal vehicles on the road and improving air quality. Safety is a core component, and improvements that support pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are built right in.

Connecting Communities With Advanced Rapid Transit

VIA Rapid is a key component of the Keep SA Moving plan for transit improvements, which are supported by a 1/8th-cent sales tax that San Antonio voters approved in November 2020.

This new, modern transit system would improve public transportation, help revitalize areas within the corridors and quickly connect more people to their destinations — such as health care facilities, grocery stores, schools and workplaces.

Proposed VIA Rapid Silver Line

The proposed VIA Rapid Silver Line corridor would run between the area near Our Lady of the Lake University on the West Side and the Frost Bank Center on the East Side. It’s being designed to improve service for existing riders and attract new riders. The Silver Line could reduce congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality. Community input will help shape the final corridor.

VIA Rapid Silver Line Project Benefits




  • Project Corridor: North General McMullen Drive on the West Side to Frost Bank Center Drive on the East Side
  • Planned 10-minute frequency on weekdays (during daytime hours)
  • Planned 15-minute frequency on weekends (during daytime hours)
  • Late 2029 projected opening date*

*Subject to secured local funding

Proposed VIA Rapid Silver Line Features

The VIA Rapid Silver Line will make transportation better and more accessible for those who don’t have their own vehicles, don’t have the option to work from home, people with disabilities and seniors who can no longer drive.

By connecting neighborhoods on the East and West Sides with important places like job centers, schools, hospitals and other community places, it will be easier for people to get where they need to go.

Not only can the passengers pay before boarding, but the boarding platform is at the same level as the vehicle entrance, making it easy and accessible.

VIA Rapid has the potential to stimulate economic growth, generate job opportunities along its route and enable residents to work closer to home, affording them more quality time with their families.

Traffic congestion and gridlock driven by population growth will require costly solutions. Building the VIA Rapid Silver Line is a proactive solution that will save the community millions of dollars by reducing traffic congestion and gridlock driven by population growth.

The VIA Rapid Silver Line includes a design process that ensures projects are safe for all users and collaboratively involves stakeholders to help shape effective transportation solutions while preserving and enhancing the surrounding community.

Proposed VIA Rapid Silver Line Project Timeline


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