People to

To help address anticipated population growth and potential economic changes, the Keep SA Moving plan will:

  • Connect essential workers to jobs and workforce training
  • Provide service that connects people to regional job centers
  • Expand options that offer independence for elderly and people with disabilities 
  • Connect students to educational opportunities 

Economic Mobility

KSAM projects are designed to improve the public transportation system throughout our region and make getting ahead easier. In other words, they help make economic mobility possible by increasing access to actual mobility.

Population Growth

San Antonio is growing faster than any other American city. San Antonio’s population topped the U.S. charts, adding 13,626 people between July 2020 and July 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In 2020, San Antonio’s population exceeded 2 million, years ahead of some forecasts. By the year 2040, we are expected to be home to another 1 million+ residents.

Based on this population growth, it’s anticipated that there will be:

About 800,000 new jobs
in the San Antonio area

1 MILLION+ new vehicles

82% increase in travel time
if population increases continue as predicted

Who Rides VIA?

Most use VIA
days a week
are employed (usually full time) and work at least 1 weekend day
of riders use
VIA to get to work
Most cannot
work from
have no motor vehicle in the household
live below
the federal
poverty line
“Who is the Rider” Survey, 2019