Better Bus

Improving the System

The Keep SA Moving plan makes improvements to the bus system, better connecting people to places of interest or opportunity. The goal is to ensure:

  • All routes will have frequencies of 30 minutes or better during peak and off-peak times
  • More frequent service on key corridors
  • More evening, late-night and weekend service on key bus routes

The plan also proposes first- and last-mile connections with a goal to:

  • Provide access to high-quality service with VIA Link
  • Explore partnerships with 3rd-party transportation providers
  • Explore new transportation technologies
  • Expand service for everyone, including people with disabilities


The goal is to have all routes with frequencies of
30 minutes or better during weekday peak times.

Strengthening the Foundation 

VIA’s Keep SA Moving plan improves bus service and introduces rapid transit service to help address the community’s transit priorities:

• Shorter waits
• Faster connections
• Reliable service
• Modern and accessible options

Building Capital Facilities

The Keep SA Moving plan includes proposed investments in capital and technology projects designed to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Mobility hubs that connect bus service to ride-share service
  • Integrated information about third-party transportation providers for VIA customers
  • Upgraded current trip planning and booking technology

Additionally, the plan recommends planning, designing, purchasing land and building a second maintenance and operations facility.

Benefiting From
Frequent Service


A goal of the plan is to enhance the system so that 42% more residents will have increased access to frequent bus service that runs every 15 minutes or better during peak times.

Source: US Census LEHD On The Map 2017 and VIA Draft Plan