VIA Link

Expanding Ride-share Service

In May 2019, VIA introduced a new line of service called VIA Link that addresses inefficiencies in traditional bus service in certain portions of VIA’s service area. Operating like Uber and Lyft, but at public-transit prices, VIA Link’s on-demand services allow VIA to more efficiently move customers around Link zones — areas where traditional buses either can’t operate or have such long wait times that most people will avoid altogether. The Keep SA Moving plan expands on-demand service to multiple zones throughout the service area with a goal to:

  • Improve coverage in neighborhoods and suburban cities
  • Expand access to more people with flexible service and accessible vehicles
  • Increase the network so that 84% of the population and 92% of jobs will have access within a half mile of transit

Service Zones

VIA Link debuted in 2019 and now serves three busy service areas, including the Northeast, Northwest, and South zones. Up to two more zones are expected to open in 2023, offering even more convenient, on-demand options.

To learn more about VIA Link’s active service zones, including the service’s low fares and flexible stops, visit




VIA Link offers a more efficient option for travel within designated zones. It’s on-demand transportation that connects people to work or school and with places that offer essential services.


When you book a ride, your seat is guaranteed. Sit down and relax.


You can tap, call or click to get going faster with service closer to you.


Cut down your travel time with more frequent service and shorter wait times.


Same low fares and discounts as regular VIA services.

How It Works

Customers can use a smart-phone app — or call customer service — to book rides and can either be dropped off at other locations within the zone or at bus stops, where they can transfer to traditional bus service that runs throughout the community.