VIA Rapid Green Line

What is Advanced Rapid Transit (ART)? 

Advanced Rapid Transit, or ART, is a high-quality, modern public transportation system that’s designed to move more people faster and farther. 

ART systems deliver fast, frequent, and reliable public transit service, with vehicles traveling in dedicated lanes outside regular traffic, using bus-friendly traffic signals, and offering off-board fare collection options for faster boarding.

An effective ART system is an important component to improving frequency and reliability, offering passenger comfort and more equitable access to affordable public transportation options.

The region’s first ART corridor, the VIA Rapid Green Line, connects points from the North and South sides. A second proposed ART corridor, the VIA Rapid Silver Line, connects the East and West sides.

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Jeff Arndt - VIA Silver Line, KSAT 12

VIA’s new Rapid Silver Line hopes to connect more people to jobs, education opportunities

VIA is touting it’s latest effort, the VIA Rapid Silver Line as a goal to give people more options when it comes to public transportation.

VIA President and CEO Jeff Arndt spoke about the project during a panel discussion at Dreamweek San Antonio on May 30, 2024. 



ART saves time
  • Pay before you board
  • Reliable 10- to 15-minute service all day
  • Bus-friendly traffic signals
  • Real-time route information
  • Boarding for people with all abilities
  • Level and all-door boarding
  • Connects more people to more places
  • Provides a reliable alternative
  • Delivers access to key destinations

The Advanced Rapid Transit North/South Corridor Project connects the San Antonio International Airport area, along San Pedro Avenue, through Downtown, and south to the Missions area. ART vehicles run in dedicated and mixed-use lanes.

VIA Rapid Green Line (North to South) Project Timeline

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MORE reliable travel

  • Dedicated bus lanes improve reliability, even as traffic congestion increases in the future
  • Arrival times are more accurate
  • Fewer cars on the road improves travel for everyone


VIA Metropolitan Transit’s Advanced Rapid Transit North-South Corridor Project has reached a critical milestone that will allow the agency to proceed with the final design and development of the project.

In May 2023, VIA received approval from the Federal Transit Administration on its federally required environmental study under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, known as NEPA.

VIA’s work under NEPA began in 2021 and included significant public engagement and technical review of the proposed project. The NEPA process concluded with the approval of an environmental document classified as a “Categorical Exclusion,” which means that the project has received its required environmental clearance.

This federal approval allows VIA to move the ART project forward into final design and construction with a planned launch in 2027. 

The documentation used in the NEPA process can be found below.

NEPA Documentation

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